2022 Harley-Davidson® Sportster® S Overview

The 2022 Harley-Davidson® Sportster® S is a Sport motorcycle produced to provide unparalleled style and performance. The 2023 Indian Scout is a Cruiser with numerous old-school aesthetic details. So which sporty and modern bike is the better option? One way to find out is to visit Harley-Davidson® of Baltimore and take a test ride! Or, you can read this comparison to learn the details of each motorcycle.

About the 2023 Scout from Indian

This bike is iconic and classic. It comes with many old-fashioned details inspired by past Indian Motorcycles. It has simple technology that makes it a good option for novice riders. The 2023 Scout comes in a Rogue, Bobber, and Standard version. You can also look at model options like the Bobber Sixty, Scout Rogue Sixty, Scout Bobber, or Scout Sixty. The Bobber Sixty comes in five main color options. All Scout Sixty and Bobber Sixty variations have 60 CU liquid-cooled engines.

About the Sportster® S from Harley-Davidson®

The Sportster® S is a new part of the historic Harley-Davidson® Sport Saga. This bike has been inspired by decades of legendary power and performance. It has all of the charisma of classic H-D® sport bikes but with new, modern elements that make it stand apart from anything you have ever seen. With its comprehensive modern features and contemporary aesthetic design, it is like something straight out of an adventure movie. This bike performs like an action star as well, with its premium Revolution Max engine. It even comes with selectable ride modes to match the terrain and ride style needed for an array of situations on the road. Choose from chic colors like Mineral Green Metallic, White Sand Pearl, or Vivid Black. Finally, this stunning bike comes with a signature high-mount exhaust system that helps to complete its gorgeous design. This high-mount exhaust was inspired by the glory days of Harley-Davidson® flat-track racing competitions. It is made of 304 series stainless steel and efficiently deflects exhaust heat away from its rider.

2022 Harley-Davidson® Sportster® S vs 2023 Indian Scout Conclusion: Why the Sportster® S is Better for Most Riders

In the end, the 2023 Indian Scout is a classic Cruiser with minimalistic design elements and a stripped-down look. Alternatively, the 2022 Sportster® S is a street-shredding modern masterpiece with heaps of impressive performance features and the latest modern rider technology. So how do these Sports bikes compare and why is the Sportster® the preferred option? When you compare these bikes, you will quickly see that they are entirely different in almost every way. Even though they both have large tailpipes and sporty designs, the similarities end there. While the 2023 Scout has an old-school garage bike configuration, the 2022 Sportster® S looks like something designed to move you into the future. The Sportster® S is a top-tier machine with a premium engine and tons of applicable rider tech. It also comes with a stretched riding position, available rider safety enhancements, and top-of-the-line performance amenities. Therefore, most would agree that the 2022 Sportster® S is by far the better option for anyone looking to enjoy an excellent ride. While the Scout is a fun little ride, it can't beat the Sportster® S in terms of power, performance, or style. To see why people are raving about the Sportster® S, we recommend test-riding one for yourself. Call our skilled Harley-Davidson® team to learn how to take a Sportster® S test ride near Baltimore now!

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