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2023 Harley-Davidson® motorcycles arrive in Baltimore

Harley-Davidson® of Baltimore – 2023 Harley-Davidson® motorcycles arrive in Baltimore
This year, experience freedom as never before riding your favorite Harley-Davidson® motorcycle. All-new 2023 Harley-Davidson® models are arriving at our dealership in Baltimore, MD. Explore many new upgrades and classic styles. Contact Harley-Davidson® of Baltimore to learn more and schedule a test ride. The thrill of the open road awaits you. Ride away on your dream Harley-Davidson® today. Also serving Elkton and Frederick, Maryland, and Newark, Delaware.

*See dealer for details.

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Your dedicated H-D® Dealership near Annapolis MD

Harley-Davidson® of Baltimore – Your dedicated H-D® Dealership near Annapolis MD

Looking for the best H-D® Dealer near Annapolis? If so, look no further than Harley-Davidson® of Baltimore. We sell stunning new bikes, certified pre-owned motorcycles, gear, accessories, parts, and more. Our team believes that your motorcycle purchasing, maintenance, and riding experience should be excellent in every regard. That’s why we work hard to ensure that every customer is treated as a top priority. To find out how we can make your riding experience exceptional, contact our team today! Also serving Bowie, Pasadena, and Glen Burnie Maryland.

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Choosing between the 2022 Harley-Davidson® Sportster® S and 2023 Indian Scout near York PA

Harley-Davidson® of Baltimore – Choosing between the 2022 Harley-Davidson® Sportster® S and 2023 Indian Scout near York PA

The stunning and contemporary 2022 Harley-Davidson® Sportster® S is a premium Sport motorcycle with an evolved look. It offers unparalleled performance with its nimble design and agile frame. The 2023 Indian Scout is a classy old-school motorcycle in the Indian Motorcycles Cruiser category. Both bikes have plenty of cool features. However, many people wonder how they compare to each other. The 2023 Indian Scout is a great bike for novice riders who want simple, straightforward technology and the ability to move up in model tiers if they want additional features. Alternatively, the Sportster® S is a fully-loaded pavement shredder with a top-of-the-line Revolution Max 1200T engine, modern technology, selectable (and custom programmable) ride modes, and comprehensive performance features. Both bikes can be great for new riders or pros. However, the Sportster® S from Harley-Davidson® is probably the better option for most riders. Not only is it more capable, powerful, and stylish, but it also presents a versatile and elegant solution for people who need to easily cross cities or freeways. Plus, it includes the most amenities. The Sportster® S comes with loads of standard features, making it an arguably better value than the Scout. Most importantly, servicing any Harley-Davidson® Sport model is easy. There are Harley-Davidson® service centers virtually everywhere. As such, maintaining your Sportster® S is an effortless undertaking. To learn more about the Sportster® S or to take a test ride on one near York, contact the professionals at Harley-Davidson® of Baltimore! We can walk you through the latest Sportster® S design features and answer any questions you have to help you find your perfect ride. Also serving Hanover, Annapolis, and Bowie Maryland.

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Explore all the H-D1™ Marketplace has to offer near Hanover MD

Harley-Davidson® of Baltimore – Explore all the H-D1™ Marketplace has to offer near Hanover MD

The revolutionary H-D1™ Marketplace gives unparalleled access to motorcycles, parts, accessories, and sales opportunities that have never before been available near Hanover. Harley-Davidson® of Baltimore is proud to say that we now participate in this outstanding program. Contact our dealership with questions about the Marketplace or if you need assistance finding or selling your used Harley-Davidson® motorcycle! Our team is happy to answer any questions that you may have and help you navigate the Marketplace. Also serving Annapolis, Bowie, and Pasadena Maryland.

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Compare the 2022 Harley-Davidson® Heritage Classic vs 2023 Indian Chief Cruiser near Columbia MD

Harley-Davidson® of Baltimore – Compare the 2022 Harley-Davidson® Heritage Classic vs 2023 Indian Chief Cruiser near Columbia MD

If you love the style, power, and versatility of Cruiser motorcycles, both the 2022 Harley-Davidson® Heritage Classic and the 2023 Indian Chief are fascinating options to consider. Each bike comes with plenty of power and performance enhancements to give you a thrilling and fun time riding in the city. So which bike is better, how do they differ, and what are their most notable features? Well, the 2023 Chief is made by Indian Motorcycles and has a revamped design compared to older models. The Chief offers lots of performance technology and shows off a vintage design. The 2022 Heritage Classic is produced by Harley-Davidson® and comes loaded with power, versatile amenities, and premium modern updates. It has a signature design with classic styling and stunning appearance package options. The Chief has a V-twin 60-cubic-inch engine while the Heritage Classic comes with a potent Milwaukee-Eight® 114 V-twin powertrain. The Heritage Classic also comes in far more paint color options. Overall, the Heritage Classic provides the most incorporated amenities. For this reason, most riders prefer the Heritage Classic over the Chief. Not only is this Cruiser the best value, but it offers more convenience, versatility, and excitement for the price. If you want to find out for yourself why so many people are raving about the Heritage Classic, come to Harley-Davidson® of Baltimore and take a test ride. Here at our showroom near Columbia, it is our pleasure to serve you with excellence and help you hunt down your dream Cruiser! Also serving Bel Air Maryland, Elkton Maryland, and Newark Delaware.

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Riding the 2022 Harley-Davidson® Road Glide® vs 2023 Indian Challenger near Bel Air MD

Harley-Davidson® of Baltimore – Riding the 2022 Harley-Davidson® Road Glide® vs 2023 Indian Challenger near Bel Air MD

The 2023 Indian Challenger and the latest from the lineup of Harley-Davidson® Road Glide® models have some excellent qualities. All of these motorcycles come with saddlebags, performance enhancements, and ergonomic designs that take you down new roads. With that in mind, the 2022 Harley-Davidson® Road Glide® is the better choice for most touring enthusiasts. It offers more amenities and is easier to service. Not to mention, Road Glide® motorcycle models from Harley-Davidson® have been carefully engineered to help you effortlessly load up and get away whenever the mood to travel strikes you. You can find services and dealership locations anywhere in America to keep your bike in pristine condition and skip all kinds of hassle and stress. To see how impressive the latest Road Glide® touring models are, take a test ride at Harley-Davidson® of Baltimore near Bel Air! Not only do we make it easy to schedule private showings of your favorite models, but we can also answer any Road Glide® questions you have! Also serving Elkton Maryland, Newark Delaware, and Frederick Maryland.

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The 2022 Harley-Davidson® Street Glide® pulls ahead near Newark DE

Harley-Davidson® of Baltimore – The 2022 Harley-Davidson® Street Glide® pulls ahead near Newark DE

When you compare the gorgeous 2022 Harley-Davidson® Street Glide® to the modern 2023 Indian Chieftain, you will immediately notice many similarities. Both bikes have powerful engines, performance-ready designs, and aggressive aesthetics. However, they have many significant differences as well. The 2022 Street Glide® matches its powerful performance to an array of convenient touring amenities to ensure that every aspect of your highway riding experience is excellent. Alternatively, the Indian Chieftain focuses primarily on power and performance. So, you will have to decide whether you want a punchy powerhouse or a sleek and powerful touring master. That can be a hard decision to make! Ultimately, most riders prefer the balance of potent performance and convenient upgrades offered by the Street Glide®. That way, they can get the best of both worlds. To help you make up your mind about these bikes, Harley-Davidson® of Baltimore offers Street Glide® test rides near Newark! Just call our skilled and knowledgeable team to book a ride now. Then, you can see why the 2022 Street Glide® simply can’t be dominated in the Grand American Touring segment. Also serving Frederick Maryland, Owings Mills Maryland, and York Pennsylvania.

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Harley-Davidson® Genuine Motorcycle Parts in Baltimore MD

Come get the best Harley-Davidson® genuine parts

Harley-Davidson® Genuine Motor Parts & Accessories are the perfect way to make your motorcycle stand out. Not only does Harley-Davidson® make it easy to customize your dream ride, but you can add accessories, new components, upgrades, and more to ensure that your bike is like nothing else on the road. Do you want to learn more about the latest accessories and parts straight from the skilled motorcycle makers at the Harley-Davidson® factory? If so, just contact the skilled and experienced team of professionals here at Harley-Davidson® of Baltimore, or, keep reading to learn more!

Overview of Harley-Davidson® genuine parts

Harley-Davidson® has a legacy of customization excellence. In fact, people who like to customize the look and performance of their motorcycle will find that this maker offers some of the most versatile accessories, parts, electronics, enhancements, and components in the industry. Moreover, Harley-Davidson® parts and accessories are designed for impeccable factory fitment. This helps them perform competently and look better. Best of all, genuine Harley-Davidson® parts and accessories include factory warranties. This means riders and garage customizers can enjoy the utmost confidence wherever they ride.

All about the latest parts from Harley-Davidson®

There are many collections and categories to browse if you are looking for parts or enhancements to make your motorcycle better than ever. Here are some category options to consider!

Rider comfort collections

There are many great options for motorcyclists looking to make their rides more comfortable. For instance, forward foot controls can provide you with exceptional positioning and confidence. Windshields help to keep the wind and rain out of your face and enhance your travel experience. Upgraded seats with backrests allow you to position yourself comfortably for the long haul.

Travel and luggage components

If you plan on riding your motorcycle over long stretches of interstate, many fantastic touring accessories and collections are available to improve your trip. Luggage racks allow you to bring your travel gear with ease. Saddlebags can make stashing your riding essentials a convenient experience. Or, upgrade your sound or infotainment systems to stay entertained as you ride!

Paint and bodywork

Do you want to enhance the aesthetic of your motorcycle? If so, Harley-Davidson® offers paint protection accessories, fenders, spoilers, touch-up paint products, color-matched Tour Paks, and fairing kits! With products like this, it is easy to keep the paint and appearance of your motorcycle looking awesome.

Gauges and instruments

Want to keep tabs on everything your motorcycle is doing more easily? If so, check out the latest gauges and instruments. From air temperature and control monitors to fuel gauges, it is easy to keep a close eye on what your motorcycle is doing with these premium additions. New oil and transmission gauges are available as well! Or, add a voltage indicator. No matter what you need, there are plenty of amazing mechanical components to browse through.

Screamin’ Eagle performance parts

Stage kits from the Screamin Eagle performance collection allow you to take your motorcycle to new heights of acceleration with improved passing power. Compared to stock models, these products give you more power than ever. Eliminate guesswork and get everything that you need for unparalleled riding and Screamin’ Eagle performance.

Find precise Harley-Davidson® genuine parts in Baltimore

Have you been searching for a great selection of Harley-Davidson® genuine parts near you in the Baltimore area? We can help with that! We have many awesome new Harley-Davidson® genuine parts for sale now. There are signature options for essentially every Harley-Davidson® enthusiast to appreciate. Call our knowledgeable parts department associates serving Baltimore Laurel Columbia Owings Mills Maryland to learn more about what parts are in stock and if we have any specials or deals running.

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Harley-Davidson® Motorcycle Gifts for Men in Baltimore

Harley-Davidson® Motorcycle Gifts for Men

Have you been searching for amazing holiday gifts that the men in your life are going to love? If you have, you are in luck! At our Harley-Davidson® dealership, we have a great men’s gift section filled with stunning new merchandise, gear, and much more. From name-brand apparel to premium parts and accessories, we have things for just about everyone to be amazed by this holiday season. Don’t miss out! Come see what we have in stock right now.

Why waste time shopping anywhere else? We have the best gifts for riders right here! Come see what’s new in our impressive selection of men’s merch and gear.

What’s Out there for Men This Season

So what gift options are hot this year? Well, there are plenty of choices to wow and impress the man in your life. Whether he likes accessories, clothing, decorations, or something else, we have gifts for just about every fellow. If he wants to accentuate his motorcycle, we recommend checking out our parts and accessories department. Or, maybe he would just like to make his riding experience safer and more comfortable. We can help with that as well. Just check out our premium selection of the finest Harley-Davidson® riding gear. There are also t-shirts, socks, coolers, clocks, watches, slippers, and pretty much everything in between to look at. We have gone above and beyond to gather the finest selection of items for you to check out!

As you shop, it all comes down to taking his unique interests and preferences into consideration. However, some items are more popular than others these days. So, here are a few of the most impressive items available from the iconic motorcycling company this year!

Stylish Men’s Apparel

Help the Harley-Davidson® rider in your life look his best this season by getting him some of the nicest and most stylish men’s apparel from the bike company he loves. Not only are there attractive jackets, coats, button-down shirts, and t-shirts available from Harley-Davidson®, but you can also find hats, gloves, socks, slippers, and hoodies. A warm and cozy Harley-Davidson® hoodie is a great way to show him you care. Or, help him complete his look with a premium Harley-Davidson® mesh snapback hat. There are also some great sunglasses and watches to look at! Hot items this year include button-downs, hoodies, and slippers. New long-sleeved tees made of soft cotton are also a top-seller.

Premium Riding Gear

If you are shopping for the kind of guy who loves nothing more than hopping on his motorcycle and cruising around town, he might just need some new riding gear. Harley-Davidson® men’s riding gear is always made using top-quality materials for optimal safety and comfort. The company has also partnered with other experienced gear craftsmen to provide many versatile options. There are boots, goggles, jackets, and riding armor items to consider. Not only is this gear functional, but it is incredibly stylish. Some of the latest helmets have been consistently receiving amazing reviews from riders across the nation. There are also many premium new riding boots available. Genuine leather riding boots are a high-quality gift that can impress anyone.

Other Great Items to Consider Buying

If he isn’t into clothes or gear, there are still many awesome gift items to check out. For example, coolers embossed with the Harley-Davidson® logo can be great for camping or tailgating. Speaking of tailgating, new Harley-Davidson® name-brand pop-up tents can make a really special gift! There are also key chains, novelty accessories, mugs, and other items that are sure to bring a smile to his face this season. We encourage you to come by in person and check out what we have on our shelves and on the racks. Our inventory is constantly updating to ensure that there are plenty of great prospects for you to investigate.

Find Motorcycle Gifts for Men in Baltimore Now at Harley-Davidson® of Baltimore

Are you ready to shop for the nicest Harley-Davidson® motorcycle gifts for men? If the answer is yes, come to our retail location and Harley-Davidson® dealership serving Baltimore Laurel Columbia Owings Mills Maryland, and the surrounding areas.

Contact Our Harley-Davidson® of Baltimore to Learn About Our Great Men’s Gift Inventory. Or, See The Best Harley-Davidson® Motorcycle Gifts for Men in Person! Whatever You are Looking for, We Can Help You Find It!

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Find a Harley-Davidson® dealer near me Pasadena MD

Find a Harley-Davidson® dealer near me Pasadena MD

Whether you are eager to buy your first Harley-Davidson® motorcycle or you are already the happy owner of an H-D® bike, our dealership is the place to go for all of your riding needs. As your preferred Harley-Davidson® dealer near me Pasadena, we offer everything that you need to enjoy the freedom that our brand is known for. More than that, we have a talented team of H-D® experts who are ready to assist you across all of our departments. What can our team at Harley-Davidson® of Baltimore do for you today?

New Harley-Davidson® Sales

When motorcycle shoppers in the Pasadena area visit our dealership for the first time, they are often impressed by the extensive selection of H-D® models that are available in today’s lineup. In fact, our Harley-Davidson® dealer near Pasadena gives you access to a few dozen unique models from families like Trike, Sportster, Touring and more. Our inventory of new motorcycles and trikes changes often as our customers make their selections and as we add more options to the mix. Whether you visit us today or down the road, you will love the variety of possibilities available at our H-D® dealership near me Pasadena.

Harley-Davidson® Motorcycle Loans

We proudly assist H-D® shoppers with every step of their purchase process, including setting up a new motorcycle loan. Our short credit application is offered online today, so you can find a convenient time in your schedule to apply from home. Some of our customers choose to apply in person, and our financing reps are always happy to support you with personalized assistance. Through the easy application step, you can quickly discover the motorcycle loan options that you qualify for. As your Harley-Davidson® dealer near me Pasadena, you can rely on our experienced financing professionals to help you identify competitive terms without a hassle.

Harley-Davidson® Service

We are a full-service Harley-Davidson® dealer near Pasadena that focuses on developing lasting relationships with our valued customers. Your experience with your H-D® motorcycle or trike only begins when you finalize your purchase, and you can count on our dedicated team near me Pasadena to continue supporting you with high-quality repair, diagnostic and maintenance service in our facility. At Harley-Davidson® of Baltimore, each of our mechanics is a certified H-D® service expert with a strong desire to do quality work every day. From tire replacements and oil changes to brakes services and more, we are the Harley-Davidson® dealer near Pasadena that covers the bases so that you can enjoy the ultimate riding experience without hassle for years to come.

Riding School, Parts and Accessories

We want you to love everything about your H-D® experience from day one, so we are proud to be your source for quality riding lessons. Whether you are learning how to ride for the first time or you need a refresher course, our lessons are designed to help you enjoy a safe, confident ride every time. Do you want to enhance your bike’s style or features with a few upgrades? As your Harley-Davidson® dealer near Pasadena, we can help you explore the many model-specific accessories and parts available for your bike. If we do not have the parts you want in our large supply, we can quickly order them for you.

As your Harley-Davidson® dealer in the Pasadena area, we are committed to helping you get on the road on an H-D® bike that is right for you. From our riding school and accessories to the quality services offered in our service shop, we support our valued customers in every way. Connect with our Harley-Davidson® of Baltimore team online or by phone for friendly, helpful assistance with all of your needs.

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Locate a Harley-Davidson® dealer near me Glen Burnie MD

Locate a Harley-Davidson® dealer near me Glen Burnie MD

At Harley-Davidson® of Baltimore, we are passionate about sharing the bold heritage and exceptional engineering that our brand is known for with riders throughout the area. From your initial visit to our H-D® dealership near me Glen Burnie, you will benefit from personalized support from our dedicated associates. We are a full-service Harley-Davidson® dealer that offers a stunning selection of the latest H-D® models, financing assistance, motorcycle service and more. Whether you are starting your search for the perfect H-D® bike or trike or you have other needs, we are ready to work for you today.

New Harley-Davidson® Sales

When you choose us as your trusted Harley-Davidson® dealer near Glen Burnie, you can benefit from full access to the many models of bikes and trikes throughout the H-D® lineup. Today’s lineup is packed with a few dozen individualized models. Whether you are interested in a solo, no-frills riding experience or you want to take a partner with you on a cross-country tour, there is a model that is right for you in our lineup. With a huge and ever-changing inventory near me Glen Burnie, you will always be impressed by the possibilities available when you shop at Harley-Davidson® of Baltimore.

Harley-Davidson® Motorcycle Loans

For many riders who are eager to take home a new Harley-Davidson® soon, lining up a new loan with reasonable terms is an important step in the process. Through our Harley-Davidson® dealer near Glen Burnie, you can take advantage of our quick, hassle-free loan application experience. This begins by spending only a couple of minutes right now applying for credit through our website. Our knowledgeable motorcycle financing associates will be in touch promptly to tell you about the specific terms that you qualify for. Rest assured that we are focused on making Harley-Davidson® ownership affordable for you through comfortable monthly loan payments.

Harley-Davidson® Services

H-D® motorcycles are designed to take you the distance, but their performance capabilities are dependent on how well they are cared for over the years. As your Harley-Davidson® dealer near me Glen Burnie, we have a team of motorcycle experts who are available to give your vehicle the attention that it needs. Our technicians are H-D® certified experts with the knowledge necessary to do great work. Our facility is equipped with modern tools and supplied with a full range of motorcycle parts, so our technicians can do their best work without delay. Whether your bike needs an oil change or has any other service needs, we are the Harley-Davidson® dealer near Glen Burnie that you can count on to keep your bike on the road.

Motorcycle Accessories, Parts and Lessons

Our commitment to your full satisfaction does not end with the selection of a great bike. It extends to helping you ride safely through our quality riding lessons. Our lessons are beneficial to both returning and new riders. Many riders who visit our Harley-Davidson® dealer want to enhance their motorcycles with customizations and upgrades. When you drop by our dealership near me Glen Burnie soon, our parts and accessories reps will tell you about the many products that have been produced specifically for your bike. With installation available through our service shop, we make it easy to improve your Harley-Davidson® to your satisfaction.

Whether you want to ride home on a new Harley-Davidson® soon or you have service needs, upgrade plans or other needs, we are the Harley-Davidson® dealer near Glen Burnie that you can rely on. As a full-service dealership, Harley-Davidson® of Baltimore is ready to help you experience all that H-D® ownership offers. We invite you to drop by our convenient location soon to check out our inventory and to receive personalized assistance from our team. You can also reach out to us by phone or online today.

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Harley-Davidson® Motorcycle Gifts for Women in Baltimore

Harley-Davidson® Motorcycle Gifts for Women

For adventurous ladies that simply can’t resist the call of the open road, an array of fantastic Harley-Davidson® gifts and premium gear options are available this holiday season! For the ladies who want to showcase their style in brand-name Harley-Davidson® apparel, there are shirts, sweaters, hoodies, and everything in between. Below, we will go over some of the most popular items to think about buying for her this year.

Skillfully serving Baltimore Laurel Columbia Owings Mills Maryland and beyond, our dealership has some of the best motorcycle gifts for women in Baltimore! Call today or come by to check out our inventory.

Plenty of Options to See When Shopping for Harley-Davidson® Motorcycle Gifts for Women

If you aren’t sure what to get the Harley-riding girls in your life, don’t worry; there are plenty of great items to choose from. Gift categories include gear, bags, merchandise, travel accessories, apparel, jewelry, and collectible items. Gals who like to show off their love of this iconic motorcycle company may like some of the newest decor items as well. Or, frequent riders are sure to appreciate our impressive inventory of premium travel accessories and motorcycling gear. Soft hoodies, comfy socks, warm slippers, blankets, and premium cotton tees are also available to help her unwind and relax. No matter what she has been asking for, there is probably something that your lady will adore in our massive new collection.

All About The Latest Holiday Gifts at Harley-Davidson®

So what’s new this year when it comes to Harley-Davidson® gifts and gear for women? Well, a lot, actually! From new interior decorative items to the latest premium riding gear, there are numerous appealing options to choose from. If you are having a hard time making up your mind on what to get the woman you are shopping for, looking at what’s most highly rated might help. Here are some of the latest top-rated women’s items to make deciding easier.

Amazing Top-Rated Options for Women’s Riding Boots

There are many amazing new boots in our collection of women’s riding gear. For instance, the latest top-rated Women’s Kirtland Boots are now available in two colors! These H-D® performance boots by Wolverine are made with premium materials and look awesome on or off a bike. There are also top-rated Women’s Marconi Riding boots to consider, which are also available in two chic colors and made of the finest leather. All of these boots are excellent for female riders and can complete essentially any signature look!

Alluring Apparel and Stylish Streetwear

You might also want to think about browsing through the latest Harley-Davidson® collection of streetwear. You will discover tees, button-up shirts, denim, belts, sneakers, and more to accentuate her look. When it comes to Harley-Davidson® apparel for women, top-rated items include long-sleeved ribbed knit tees, jackets, and sets of matching knit hats and gloves!

Other Fashionable and Versatile Gift Options

If the gift recipient you are shopping for has been looking for a way to show off her Harley-Davidson® fandom at home, there are many other great new items to consider. For example, this year, Harley-Davidson® has released a few different whiskey and wine glass sets. These stylish sets are not only beautiful but are also made with premium materials and designed to last. Embossed with Harley-Davidson® logos for style, they come in convenient and attractively packaged gift sets. Or, check out items like clocks, picture frames, and even tents for tailgating! A little thought and consideration behind your gift will go a long way toward ensuring that she will love whatever you get for her.

Find Excellent Motorcycle Gifts for Women in Baltimore at Harley-Davidson® of Baltimore!

Whether you are searching for collectibles, clothes, or gear for the lady in your life, we can help. At our top-rated Harley-Davidson® dealership serving patrons in the Baltimore area, we have something for just about any woman to relish. To find out what is available in our large exhibition of apparel, accessories, gear, and travel items, we encourage you to visit our store. You can even contact us over the phone to find out if we have the exact styles and sizes you are in search of.

Serving Baltimore Laurel Columbia Owings Mills Maryland, Call to hear What Great Holiday Deals We Have Near You!

Request More Harley-Davidson® Motorcycle Gifts Information Serving Glen Burnie, Laurel, Frederick MD

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Where is a Harley-Davidson® dealer near me Newark DE

Where is a Harley-Davidson® dealer near me Newark DE

We are your reliable Harley-Davidson® dealer near Newark that is passionate about customer satisfaction, so you can count on us to guide you through your buying experience and to support you with all of your other riding needs. Our customers at Harley-Davidson® of Baltimore have high expectations for their jaunts through town as well as their long-distance journeys. Finding the right H-D® model for your specific plans and keeping your motorcycle properly maintained are important parts of your riding experience over the years, and our Harley-Davidson® dealer associates are eager to support you for years to come.

New Harley-Davidson® Sales

When you search for your next motorcycle near me Newark, you have specific expectations for its performance and features. With a few dozen well-equipped models available in today’s Harley-Davidson® line, there is an H-D® bike or trike model that is a great match for you. We are the Newark-area Harley-Davidson® dealer that always has a solid mix of models for our customers to choose from. Whether you want to head home on an H-D® trike soon or you have a motorcycle in mind, you could find the perfect option in stock on your next visit. The diligent sales staff at Harley-Davidson® of Baltimore is ready to tell you more about any of the models that you are interested in when you visit our convenient location near me Newark soon.

Harley-Davidson® Motorcycle Loans

Do you need to set up great terms on a new loan before you ride your new Harley-Davidson® home? Rather than reaching out to numerous lenders in your limited amount of free time, you can choose a faster, easier option. The financing pros at our Harley-Davidson® dealership near me Newark are available to do the work for you. To take advantage of our team’s full assistance, access our credit application online. By spending a few minutes filling out the form from home today, you could have a new loan with affordable monthly payments lined up before you visit our Harley-Davidson® dealer in person to finalize your purchase.

Harley-Davidson® Service

Every Harley-Davidson® model is masterfully engineered to produce the adrenaline boost that today’s riders crave. You can get the most life out of your H-D® bike and enjoy its stellar performance for years to come when you keep it properly maintained. When your bike is due for its next tire replacement, lube service or other needs, our dealership near me Newark is the place to go. In addition to completing maintenance services, our Harley-Davidson® dealer can tackle repairs, run diagnostics and more. With our experienced, well-trained mechanics on hand to care for your motorcycle, you can keep your bike running well without a hassle.

H-D® Parts, Accessories and Riding Lessons

As your Harley-Davidson® dealer near Newark, we want you to enjoy the H-D® experience on your terms. Riding safely is a top priority, and you can take advantage of our dealership’s riding lessons for both returning and new motorcycle riders. Many of our customers want to showcase their individuality through motorcycle customizations. Harley-Davidson® offers an incredible range of upgrades and accessories for each model, and this includes everything from different wheel designs and seat options to light kits, handlebars and more. Any of the accessories and parts that you select through our parts department can be professionally installed by our team.

From the aggressive power and iconic designs of Harley-Davidson® models to their modern tech and convenience features, there is plenty to love about the models available throughout today’s lineup. The team at our Harley-Davidson® dealer near Newark is eager to help you find your perfect model, and we can assist with customizations, ongoing maintenance and more. Connect with our team at Harley-Davidson® of Baltimore online or over the phone today for assistance.

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Harley-Davidson® Riding Gear for Men in Baltimore MD

Harley-Davidson® of Baltimore – Harley-Davidson® Riding Gear for Men in Baltimore MD

Our showroom at Harley-Davidson® of Baltimore is your official source for Harley-Davidson® Riding Gear for men in Baltimore. We offer a great selection of the gear you need to stay safe and look great on the road. Whether you’re looking for helmets, gloves, jackets, boots, or anything else you may need, we’ve got it in stock. Simply stop in to see our selection and find the perfect size and style for you. Our team will be glad to help you find the perfect gear for your next ride. Also serving Laurel, Columbia, and Bel Air Maryland.

Request more Harley-Davidson® Riding Gear for Men information

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Harley-Davidson® Women’s Riding Gear near Frederick MD

Harley-Davidson® of Baltimore – Harley-Davidson® Women’s Riding Gear near Frederick MD
Harley-Davidson® Women’s Riding Gear offers the perfect combination of comfort and style when you’re out on the roads. Our showroom near Frederick has a full array of clothing and protective gear so you’ll look great on your next ride. The best way to find the gear that’s right for you is to try it on in person, so stop in soon to find the right gear for you. Our team will be happy to show you all of the options available and get you the right style in the right size. Also serving Owings Mills Maryland, York Pennsylvania, and Hanover Maryland.

Request more Harley-Davidson® Women’s Riding Gear information

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November Pre-Owned Markdown Event in Baltimore MD

November Pre-Owned Markdown Event in Baltimore MD

Harley-Davidson® of Baltimore - November Pre-Owned Markdown Event in Baltimore MD

The November Pre-Owned Markdown Event has begun at Harley-Davidson® of Baltimore, making this a great time to pick up that classic model you've been searching for. We have a great selection of used bikes, including classics from yesteryear as well as limited-edition recent models. To help clear space in our inventory, we are offering markdown pricing throughout our used lineup for a limited time. Come in to visit our showroom in Baltimore see all of the great bikes available or browse through our inventory online. Don't let these great used bikes pass you by again. Also serving Laurel, Columbia, and Bel Air Maryland.

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Learn More about Harley-Davidson® Black Friday in Baltimore MD

Learn More about Harley-Davidson® Black Friday in Baltimore MD

Harley-Davidson® of Baltimore - Learn More about Harley-Davidson® Black Friday in Baltimore MD

It is almost time to celebrate the holidays, and at Harley-Davidson® of Baltimore, we are looking forward to Harley-Davidson® Black Friday for our riders. Check out our apparel, accessories, and more this year. Come visit our showroom or browse through our online inventory today to find the right gear for yourself, or the rider on your shopping list. Make this the year you bring home your Black Friday shopping from Harley-Davidson® in Baltimore. Also serving Laurel, Columbia, and Bel Air Maryland.

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Harley-Davidson® promotions near Laurel MD

Harley-Davidson® promotions near Laurel MD

Harley-Davidson® of Baltimore - Harley-Davidson® promotions near Laurel MD

You can find news on all of the latest Harley-Davidson® promotions in our showroom near Laurel. Harley-Davidson® of Baltimore always has the most recent Harley-Davidson® bikes in stock for you to test ride, and our huge selection is available both online and in our showroom for you to explore. Whether you're looking for new gear, accessories, or a whole new bike, we've got you covered. Stop in today to learn about all that Harley-Davidson® has to offer today and coming down the road soon. Also serving Columbia, Bel Air, and Elkton Maryland.

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Review of the 2022 Harley-Davidson® Low Rider® El Diablo near York PA

Review of the 2022 Harley-Davidson® Low Rider® El Diablo near York PA

Harley-Davidson® of Baltimore is the premier Harley-Davidson® dealership serving York Pennsylvania, and we’re thrilled to announce that the 2022 Harley-Davidson® Low Rider® El Diablo is now available through us. The 1983 Harley-Davidson® FXRT is one of the most iconic motorcycles ever designed. It continues to serve as inspiration for the modern Low Rider® and many custom builds. The Low Rider® El Diablo is a modern expression of that iconic motorcycle. Only 1,500 will be made. Each will be serialized, and you can reserve yours as soon as today through our location. Our team can also assist you with financing, motorcycle insurance, extended coverage, motor clothes, gear, accessories and much more!

Low Rider® ST

The 2022 Harley-Davidson® Low Rider® El Diablo is based on the Low Rider® ST, which is a modern cruiser built on the Softail platform. Like all cruisers, it’s designed to be comfortable and convenient, but the Low Rider® ST is also designed with an emphasis on performance and a look and feel associated with the West Coast style. Differences between the Low Rider® ST and the Low Rider® S include a fairing that is larger and frame mounted, taller handlebars and clamshell saddlebags, which are removable. All of those additions make the Low Rider® ST more suitable to riding over longer distances.

Low Rider® El Diablo

The Low Rider® El Diablo available through our dealership serving York Pennsylvania is fundamentally the same as the Low Rider® ST. The Low Rider® ST is only available in muted colors—Vivid Black and Gunship Gray—and the Low Rider® El Diablo has a fiery red paint scheme similar to the 1983 Harley-Davidson® FXRT. Another important difference is that the Low Rider® El Diablo comes with the Rockford Fosgate® audio system installed. That system is optional with the Low Rider® ST and not available on the Low Rider® S due to it only having a headlamp cowl as opposed to a fairing. The Low Rider® El Diablo is the second entry into the Icons Collection that was introduced last year. It will be limited to 1,500 units, and each of them will have an engraved plate that indicates their number within the series.

Performance and Characteristics

As with all Low Rider® models, the 2022 Harley-Davidson® Low Rider® El Diablo near York has the Milwaukee-Eight® 117 V-Twin engine. The 117 is the beefiest air- and oil-cooled engine that Harley-Davidson® currently makes, and riders who want even more power have the option of the Screamin’ Eagle stage kits. Notable characteristics include the frame-mounted fairing, an upright riding position, mid-mount foot controls and saddlebags. As mentioned, the saddlebags are removable when not needed, but many riders choose to keep them on at all times as they help to balance out the design.

Gunslinger Custom Paint

The 2022 Harley-Davidson® Low Rider® El Diablo near York features a custom, hand-painted and layered paint job by Gunslinger Custom Paint. The first layer is the El Diablo Bright Red base. The second layer involves El Diablo Bright Red Sunglo, which has a tinted clear element that gives the aesthetic a candy effect. The third phase is the most involved. The artisans must mask off the pinstripes. They then add a layer of Dark Red Pearl. El Diablo Dark is faded around the panels. El Diablo Dark Red Metallic is then faded in, and finally, Pale Gold pinstriping is applied by hand inside the panels.

Rockford Fosgate®

The Rockford Fosgate® audio system is offered as an option with the Low Rider® ST but is included in the price of the Low Rider® El Diablo and comes preinstalled in the fairing. The speakers, tweeters and amplifier are all installed in the fairing. The system also has Smart Speed Control, which is able to adjust amplifier volume in real time based on your GPS speed.

Reserve the Low Rider® El Diablo

If you’d like to reserve the 2022 Harley-Davidson® Low Rider® El Diablo near York, your local H-D® team at Harley-Davidson® of Baltimore can help with that! You can reserve it in person or over the phone, and if you’d like to schedule a test ride, we can set you up with a Low Rider® ST that has the Rockford Fosgate® audio installed.

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Which H-D® Dealer is near Columbia MD

Harley-Davidson® Dealership

Are you excited about upgrading your time on the road in Columbia with a new Harley-Davidson® motorcycle? Harley-Davidson® of Baltimore is the trusted H-D® dealer near Columbia that local riders turn to for their purchases and service needs. We offer a full-service motorcycle dealership that provides you with everything from a well-stocked inventory filled with the latest models to quality maintenance and repair work. Our dedicated staff members are passionate about customer satisfaction, and we are looking forward to bringing your Harley-Davidson® desired ownership experience to life.

New Harley-Davidson® Sales

When many of our customers first visit our respected motorcycle dealership serving Columbia Maryland, they are pleasantly surprised to find several dozen Harley-Davidson® models in the lineup. As the H-D® dealer that is committed to supporting your selection, you can feel confident that you will always find a diverse offering available for you to explore regardless of when you stop by our convenient location. Our models include everything from trikes and two-seat touring bikes to sportster bikes, cruisers and more. You can expect our Harley-Davidson® sales reps to support your exploration of the many options in stock today and to help you make an informed selection that produces exhilaration across the miles.

Harley-Davidson® Motorcycle Loans

Is applying for a new motorcycle loan in your future? With affordable monthly payments from a competitive loan program, you could conveniently finalize your purchase and head home from your H-D® dealer on your new motorcycle soon. However, for some shoppers, setting up a new loan is easier said than done. As your H-D® dealer near Columbia, we pave the way for an enjoyable buying experience from start to finish, so we are available to assist with your loan setup. Our financing associates serving Columbia Maryland have detailed knowledge of loan programs offered by our many affiliated lenders. This allows us to match applicants with great terms based on their unique qualifications quickly. More than that, with our online application ready for you to access right now, we take the stress out of applying for your next loan.

Harley-Davidson® Service

Keeping your Harley-Davidson® properly maintained is an important responsibility that directly affects its longevity and its continued great performance. Our technicians serving Columbia Maryland want you to get the most out of any model that you select, and we happily support our customers over the years by providing a convenient, reliable source for quality maintenance and repair services. Our factory-trained mechanics have full access to modern equipment and tools in our state-of-the-art facility. Whether your bike needs a quick oil change, a significant engine repair or any other services, our team will do high-quality work and get you back on your bike soon.

Motorcycle Accessories, Parts and Lessons

As your H-D® dealer in the Columbia area, we work hard to deliver an all-around wonderful experience for each customer. For many buyers, learning the ropes for the first time or brushing up on old skills is important. Our on-site riding school offers quality lessons for all needs. Are you interested in adding individuality to your Harley-Davidson® through a few upgrades? Our dealership’s fully-stocked parts department has accessories that are perfectly suited for your model and that can elevate its style and functionality. In fact, depending on your model, we may have a variety of grips, footpegs, storage compartments, wind guards and more for you to choose from. All selected accessories and parts can conveniently be installed by our service techs.

Contact Your H-D® Dealer Near Columbia Today

Our customers at Harley-Davidson® of Baltimore have high expectations for the performance and style of their new motorcycles and trikes, and our associates stand up to ensure that those expectations are met. Our service-oriented Harley-Davidson® sales associates take tremendous steps to offer our customers dedicated attention and full access to a huge variety of possibilities. With riding lessons, a service shop, accessories and financing available through our dealership as well, we cover all of the critical bases to support the riding experience that you have in mind.

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