Harley-Davidson® SPORT Category Models in Baltimore MD

Harley-Davidson® of Baltimore is your local Harley-Davidson® dealership serving Baltimore and the surrounding areas. We have the entire 2023 lineup, and that includes the 2023 Harley-Davidson® Sport category models. These are the newest versions of the sport bikes that were introduced to the brand last model year and proved to be an immediate success. For this model year, H-D has introduced a new model that is sure to thrill riders who love the Nightster® and its classic Sportster silhouette.

Sportster® S

The Sportster® is the flagship among the Harley-Davidson® Sport category models available at Harley-Davidson® of Baltimore. This is the biggest departure from Harley-Davidson®’s other models, and it’s the first true modern sports bike that the iconic brand has ever designed. How we got here was reimagining the Sportster®—a sport bike of its time—as if it were first designed in the 2020s rather than the 1950s. In other words, there were no restrictions in having to honor that which had come before. It provides aggressive sport bike agility and handling and is powered by the liquid-cooled Revolution Max 1250T engine. It has a low seat position and forward foot controls and puts the rider in a forward position. It also comes standard with rider-selectable ride modes, including customizable modes, and the brand’s suite of advanced rider-assistance technologies, such as cornering-enhanced ABS. Vivid Black is standard, and White Sand Pearl, Bright Billiard Blue and Gray Haze are premium options.


The Nightster® was planned as a more traditional alternative to the Sportster® S. It’s designed as a modern sport bike with the liquid-cooled Revolution Max 925 engine, but the look and feel are closer to what you would expect from a Sportster®. It puts the rider in a forward position as well but has mid-mount controls. It also has analog displays and only normal ABS and TCS. This model is also a bit more stripped down than the previous model year now that Harley-Davidson® has introduced a Special version of it.

Nightster® Special

The Nightster® Special offers premium color options in addition to the standard Vivid Black: Industrial Yellow, Black Denim and Bright Billiard Blue. It also comes with the rider-selectable modes found on the Sportster® S, including one custom mode. The Special also trades in the analog displays for the 4-inch color TFT touch screen found on the Sportster® S along with its infotainment features.

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The best way to get to know the Harley-Davidson® Sport category models is to test ride them, which you can do at Harley-Davidson® of Baltimore. Schedule that appointment online or by phone. Visit our showroom at your convenience to see the 2023 Harley-Davidson® Sport category models in person, and call or email us for custom quotes and to learn more about customization and financing options.

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